1993 buick skylark problems (2.3L engine)

Have two problems that need help with. #1. have intermittent problem when turning off engine. You cand turn the key off and remove the key but sometimes the engine just keeps running nomral.

#2. Engine dies a lot when stopped at traffic lights or stop signs. If you leave the A/C turned on, then it functions fine.

Any advice would be appreciated.


  1. The ignition switch lock cylinder, and/or the bar which connects the lock cylinder to the switch, is very worn. 2. The idle air control valve needs checking for proper operation. The best person to ask about how to do that is Mr. Haynes, or Mr. Chilton’s. If the check engine light is on, get it read (again, Mr. Haynes, or Mr. Chilton’s).

Thanks, I have Chilton’s but the pictures leave a lot to be desired for a dummy like me. The check engine light is not on. I will check the IAC with an ohmmeter as shown in Chilton’s and see what I get.

again thanks

Well the IAC valve checks good with an ohmmeter using the readings given in Chilton’s. Are there any other things that will cause this idle problem?

Check vacuum hoses and plenum and intake manifold for leaks, also make sure the air intake to the throttle body is not sucking in extra air.

the timing maybe out and the engine wants to keep running.and with the a/c on the engine is told to run faster to idle proper. so if it running advanced the engine wants to keep running. and at stop signs you are holding the engine back with the transmission and it stops. does it seem to turn slow on starts after getting hot ? this would be timing .