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Car stops

when driving along my car will stop. I can put it in neutral and usually restart it while driving. I have had the ignition modual changed and it seemed to help for one week. No check engine light comes on. I don’t know where to check next 1993 buick skylark

Next thing to check is fuel pressure. It would be nice if the engine did not restart immediately. Then you could check to see if there was spark or fuel missing. If you can rig it, monitor the fuel pressure as you drive and especially when the problem rears its head.

Crankshaft or camshaft position sensor. Dealer can figure out which one is bad.

If you shift to neutral and come to a stop does the call stall? If so your transmission may not be unlocking the torque converter.

already check the fuel pressure because I thought that might have been the problem but the pressure was good

my mechanic already checked that.

No, it only seems to happen when I am at driving speeds. I did notice the temp gauge goes up to about 210 then settles back to normal before I get a hesitation like it wants to stop.