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2000 Ford Taurus transmission problem?

My transmission had started to give me some problems. I checked the fluid and it’s pink. Now today I try to go somewhere and the car will not drive forward. The car will go in reverse. In drive the engine just revs and jerks forward once. When it jerks forward the car starts to kill. My dad said it might be a week battery cable or the transmission filter? This was his car that he gave me. Any ideas?

You need to ask around to find a reputable transmission shop to evaluate the problem. Fault that, go to a dealer and ask them to do it. Ford remaufactured transmissions have been pretty reasonable and have a generous warranty.

I have gone out to the car a few times this evening and noticed something else. When the car first starts I have no problem in drive. After I apply the brake drive no longer works. My dad thinks it might be my brakes locking.