Transmisson issue follow-up

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I know how much we all like follow-up stories to questions posted on these forums, so here’s my bit…

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Well, after some searching around in the D-FW metroplex for an independent shop who will take good care of my baby, I decided to go to “Honda House”. More about them later on.

Apparently the issue with my manual transmission was the clutch after all. I am very pleased that following the clutch replacement, my baby drives like new again :slight_smile:

It seems that for whatever reason, one of the springs in the clutch plate was broken/trying to work iteself loose, and that was causing all the issues, not allowing me to select any gears while the engine was running. I will try and post some pictures of the old clutch parts.

The friction material on the disc was still OK’ish, and probably would have lasted another 50k miles. I would have really loved to get to 200k on this clutch. Alas, I cannot complain much-147k miles on this clutch is not too shabby either. I still am on the original master and slave cylinders.

I paid $946.00 out the door for new Clutch Disk, new Pressure Plate, new Release and Pilot Bearings, resurfaced Flywheel and new Rear Main Engine Seal. While the parts installed are not Honda Genuine Parts, the shop offers 12k miles or 24 months parts and labor warranty on this clutch job. The cheapest quote I got from 6 different Honda Dealerships for the same clutch job was $1338 plus taxes.

Initially, before I even posted my question here (see linky above), I took my car to a Honda Dealer, really close to my house. This is the place where I had my timing belt services done in the past. I left the car with them for a day or two because they were rather swamped. When the service advisor calls me, he proceeds to tell me that after a long analysis, their technician who deals with transmision issues is quite sure some bearing in the transmission is kaput, and that I need a new transmission. This new-to-me tranny would come for the measly sum of $2200.00. Given that my car is a 1993 model, they could find my transmissin only at a wrecker yard. They were able to locate one with “only” 55k miles on it, and the dealer would offer a 6 months warranty on the tranny and labour. Of course I said “Thanks, but no thanks”.

Here are a few more things about the shop I had this done at. They are called Honda House and the technician who worked on the car is ASE Master Tech and Honda/Acura Gold Level Tech, who used to work at a Honda Dealership. Of the 3 independent shops I had visited, this shop did not have the cheapest quote. They were only marginally higher then the other two, but they seemed much more professional and the shop was really spic and span. This shop specializes in Honda, Toyota and Volvo and have been in business in the same spot for almost 25 years. This is their website:

I hope the pics will post…

second pic



Thank you for the post back; the explaination; and the pictures. The pictures tell and interesting story.

It is okey to send the post back (feedback) as a reply to your inital post. It helps the continuity of the question and answers.