New Honda Clutch Cost?


My friend has a Honda Accord from 1991-1993 era. (You know, still kind of boxy, but it doesn’t have the flip-up front headlights.)

His clutch has gone out and I’m wondering what it SHOULD cost to get it replaced on one of those cars. I’m not positive about the mileage, but I doubt it has more than 200,000 and his father was the initial owner of the car, so it’s been well taken care of.

Just wondering what something like that ought to cost.


Price is so dependant upon the details,shadetree,independant,Honda independant,Dealer,and then how many parts get changed.

Shadetree mechanic,just the cover,disc,TO bearing,no flywheel work,lowest quality parts$325.00 no tax,Dealer max job $1600.00.

I have always wondered when people say “well taken care of” what does it mean to you?

$1600 seems really out there.

This was 9 years ago but my 95 Civic clutch was replaced at 100k (broken flywheel) for parts/labor around $550 at the dealer.

I’d say no more than $650. Why don’t you go on line and check the price of parts? I would think that it’s a 3-4 hour job if you know what you’re doing. Plus about $275 in parts. Rocketman

Call up your local Honda dealer’s service department and get a quote.