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Transmissions: Reconditioned, New or Used?

We have a 97 Honda accord Wagon, 4 cylinder, with transmission “issues”— We’ve been quoted $2800 to get a new transmission plus warranty, $2500 to recondition plus warranty or $1100 for a used transmission with 104,000 miles on it and 120 day warranty. Any thoughts???

You didn’t say how long the warranties on the new or reconditioned transmissions are…

120 day warranty is really awfully short. On the positive side, you have a 97, which is at least a year when Honda transmissions were generally reliable. 98-03 I would NEVER replace a Honda transmission without a long warranty.

Between the new and the reconditioned? That’s not the easiest call. “NEW” in this case likely means remanufactured. If done by a good company, I would definitely drop the $300 over a “reconditioned” one which may be simply patched up from some previous problem and might not be a complete rebuild. I’d especially drop the extra $300 if the warranty was better.

But if these options only give you a 1 year warranty, then they might not be worth it over a used one. If they give you a 3 year warranty or longer, like many remanufacturers will, then I think it is worth the extra money, IF you plan to keep the car over a year.

Well the first question is, what are you planning to do with the vehicle?? Are you going to keep it?? Is it in pretty good condition?? If you plan on keeping it, I would go with the new one. $300 difference between the new and recon’d is not a very big difference. What kind of warranty on the new one?? 120 day on a used one is normal for used.


You didn’t specify automatic or manual transmission, tell us how many miles are on your car, or explain the “issues.” Not a lot to go on.

If you can get a factory new transmission for $300 more than a reconditioned transmission, why would you even ask? Get the new one.

I wouldn’t gamble on a used tranny. You never really know what you’re getting.

How long are the warranties on the new and rebuilt, and who did the rebuild?