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99 Camry - Late/hard shifting

I have a 99 Toyota Camry (obviously) and having some problems with the transmission. First of all - I have had the transmission fluid flushed and there was no filings or anything in the old fluid to indicate any mechanical problems. Also there is no noise, grinding, etc. The gears shift fine while parked and all these things indicate to me that there is not a serious problem going on mechanically.

Basically what happens is when I am accelerating, the car waits too long to shift - usually 2.5 - 3 thousand RPM. When it does it shifts hard. I can keep it from shifting too hard by slowing down right before it shifts. I am not sure what the problem is. The only two things I know of might be a solenoid or a computer problem. Is there anything else you guys would suggest to check out? Also, is there any way to test these to find out if something is malfunctioning? I dont want to waste a lot of money on a part that isnt going to fix the problem.

Thanks for any help! It is greatly appreciated!

Of course, the check engine light isn’t on, is it? And if it were, you would get it scanned at an auto parts store (free) and bring the code here, wouldn’t you?

Yeah I should have said something because I knew someone was going to ask… especially since I hear it on the show. -No- the check engine light is not on. I have used a code scanner and there are no error codes.

pressure testing the shift points with proper gauges

One quick question that might help. How many miles on this transmission. Bonus question, has it ever been used for towing?

Theres 127,000 miles on the tranny. It has never been used for towing.

Oh also, I should expand on what I mean by hard shifting. Its not that it clunks or slams real hard when it shifts. It’s more like a smooth jolting, if that makes any sense.

Check your fluid level properly. I always suspect that there is too much especially after servicing. If I tell anybody anything about transmissions, don’t really listen to me.

Did you had the proper Toyota atf put in when it was serviced? Other than fluid condition and level, the first place I’d look is the throttle position sensor.

Well, it was having this problem before I had it serviced, and is exactly the same afterwards. To be sure, some of the fluid was drained out, but no change. In fact, I guess I should have also mentioned I used some of that trans fix stuff thats supposed to fix hard shifting. Didn’t make a single bit of difference.

It did have the proper ATF put in when serviced. If the TPS was malfunctioning, wouldn’t it trigger the check engine light?

Not necessarily.

3 things i know of… using the wrong fluid…speed control sencer…shift control module…I dont have my books with me there at my shop but im pretty sure that it would be one of thoes.

Okay, so it’s not the TPS or the speed control sensor. According to the book for my model if its neither of these things than it is an internal transmission problem (i.e. mechanical).

check with dealer on tranny control computer reprogramming to better the trans shift, there may be a TBS as later models had similar problems with hesitation and left turners wouldn’t think the tranny would go so they gun it and have had sudden acceleration and some accidents. Doesn’'t sound likethis problem, but upgraded programs are often developed but unless you go ask, you will not know.

of course, flushing the tranny is NOT recommended as pressure and debris can be forced into areas of the valve body or solenoids, draining (and maybe more than once is the recommended procedure)