I have a 1990 Lincoln Mark VII, black on black, basically one owner, excellent condition… except one problem. While driving the car my speed dropped to 40mph, while my RPMs rose to 4000. Upon checking I found the plastic clip, which holds the linkage from the transmission to the accelerator had snapped. I replaced the part and still have the same problem…is my transmission smoked or is there an adjustment?

The cable must be adjusted properly. If you press on the spring loaded pinch collar a great deal of slack should be eliminated and the situation improved but proper adjustment requires several steps.

I have 5 of these Cars & I/we just love them. The Ford AOD was a great Transmission…if it was maintained properly. The Linkage Bushing was a plastic/nylon type Grommet. It was later redesigned to a Bronze Bushing & is the desired replacement. Here’s that Ford Part – F3SZ 7H303 B - & most any Motorcraft Authorized Dealer can help you.

Here’s a link from a great bunch of folks that I’ve learned a lot of good info on these Cars. I still get looks, questions & comments about my Car(s). They’re 20-plus years old, sporty, classy & yet so “current”.

This will get you started on the proper adjustment of the Cable.

Good Luck!


I had an '88 Crown Vicky with the AOD and the bushing broke. By the time I was aware that the transmission was not shifting correctly, and installed the bronze bushing, it was too late. The transmission from then on refused to shift past 2nd gear. I tried adjusting the throttle control cable per Ford recommendations, but to no avail. I was advised that the loss of the bushing probably caused the upper clutches to burn out, and the only fix was a rebuild. I wound up getting a used transmission instead.

If you drove the car at anything past quarter throttle or so and made it to 3rd gear, you can count on the direct clutch being burned out…they’re small and just don’t deal with low line pressure at all.