I have a 1991 nissan maxima. I drain and filled the transmission fluid and the car drove great for 2 weeks and then the transmission stopped working. It went out when it downshifted from 3rd to 2nd gear. The fluid level was correct when I added the fluid and also the brand of fluid was correct. I had a mechanic check out the car and he said it is the torque converter. When I put the car thru the gears the car doesnt move. I noticed when the gear is in neutral the rpm’s drops but when in drive the rpm’s rise about 200 rpm’s. Could it be the torque converter as diagnosed or will I be looking at a rebuild? Thanks

If the car does not move, somebody will have to fix it. Before that, somebody may be able to diagnose it by procedures outlined in the service manual or take it apart and find what is wrong by looking at it. If nobody does this, torque converter sounds better than “who knows”.

You are looking at one of the two choices. Call it a looking at a rebuild anyway and you will be 60% correct due to availability, or not of well trained service personnel.

I was also told that flushing the transmission may give a 25% chance of reviving the transmission but I do not know if I should do it since I am looking at a possible rebuild anyway? I may do more damage than good flushing it in the long run if I want to keep it but Im not sure which way I want to go with it?

I doubt flushing it will make any difference, but if the car won’t move anyway and you need a rebuild, it’s not likely you can make things worse. A decent rebuild should include a new torque converter anyway.

Ok, I better start saving up for a rebuild or I can go the used transmission route but the problem with that is I may get a transmission that is bound to go.

I doubt flushing it will make any difference

Yea, but maybe it would have done some good back in 15 or so years ago.

Why have the manufacturers removed their recommendations to change the transmission fluid on a regular schedule?

I have just notice a symptom my transmission was doing months before it went out on me. when i am driving and the car is going about 55mph when i take my foot off the accelerator the rpm’s drop for a second or two like it is coasting and then afterward the rpm’s jump back up. What could cause the engine to do this?

I assume that by “just noticed” you mean just remembered.

The rpm jump is likely from the torque converter clutch (TCC) unlocking. If that is the case, then this is a normal thing.

Don’t flush the transmission; it will clog the pipe. Do an experiment instead. While transman hasn’t recommended pouring Berryman B-12 into a transmission that does nothing at all, (not that I remember anyway) you have nothing to lose… It doesn’t say on the can to use it in transmissions, but he recommends it anyway and has proof that it works.