1995 Accord Transmission

My car recently started making more noise than normal. It SOUNDS like it is running high RPMs and needs to shift (automatic), but the RPM meter reads normal. My fluid level is normal, but icky color, I know I need to flush it. Could it be that simple or is there something else wrong?

Well, first off, I doubt you need to “flush” it. Most manufacturers recommend a fluid “change” where the mechanic drops the pan and drains out the fluid and changes the filter. The “flush” is mostly a marketing gimmick where they hook your transmission up to a machine that exchanges all the fluid. While the flush does generally change more of the fluid, it usually doesn’t include a filter change and it may damage some transmissions. Your owner’s manual calls for a change, so that’s what it should get.

Deteriorated fluid could definitely cause the problem you describe, and getting it changed may solve the problem for a while. But be aware that the damage may be done, and the change might not change anything or may only revive it temporarilly.

Thank you. I have heard that about flushes and was weary when a guy convinced me to do it a few weeks ago. This actually started happening right about the time I got my oil change and they tried to sell me a flush. I asked him how much for a drain and he said they don’t do that. Coincidence??? Also, this is a used car that I got about 20k miles ago. I was going to have the timing belt changed soon because I don’t know when it was done last. Could this have anything to do with it?

How many miles on this car? I would have an independent TRANSMISSION shop evaluate and perhaps service the transmission. Once the immediate problem is resolved, THEN move on to the timing belt.

When the transmission fails in high mileage Hondas, it usually means the car is totaled…They just cost too much to repair…

I am not sure you have a transmission problem. A bad exhaust manifold or gasket can cause the engine noise level to increase.