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I have a 2008 mazda cx9 with 19k. the 4rth and 6th gears only make grinding noise. The dealer said normal, but I don’t think its safe to drive.What do you think?

I can’t comment on the safety part, but I doubt grinding gears is normal for a Mazda CX9, or any other Mazda for that matter.

Start documenting everything. You may have to make a warranty claim.

Not sure what to do next. Go to another dealer? Call Mazda?

If you feel that the dealership is not helping you, then you need to contact Mazda’s corporate-level customer service staff. Contact information can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

I would ask the delaer to take you for a test drive in a new CX9. If the noise you hear is “normal” it should be present in a new vehicle. If you don’t hear the noise, which you won’t, of course, ask for an explanation. If it’s normal they should all do it.

FWIW…We also have a 2008 Mazda CX-9. It has about 27K miles on it. The transmission is very quiet and smooth shifting. I have never heard an odd sound from the transmission, especially not a grinding sound.