2010 Mazda CX9 low rumble noise 20-45 mph

I have a new Mazda CX9, only has 6K miles on it…and it is making a low burring type noise between 20-45 mph. I have dealt with something very similar in the past on a Acura MDX that turned out to be a torque converter problem… I want to have as much knowledge as possible as to what could be causing this before i take it in for work…so I dont get the run around. Does anyone know what else could cause this low vibration noise between these speeds… Remember, everything is new…new tire, etc… I cant imagine the torque converter already having problems with so low of mile… can this be happening?

Can You Change The Pitch Or Volume Of The Sound By Driving Around A Sweeping Curve To The Right Or Left Or Turning The Steering Wheel To Alter The Direction Of Travel ?

Is there any chance that it’s a vibration coming from an engine component such as exhaust system part ? Can you produce the sound by revving the engine, while parked, to an RPM similar to that at 20-45 MPH ?


No, its only while i had driving between those speeds, with light acceleration to just keep it at those speeds, if I increase the speed, the sounds starts to go away, and once i am past 45 mph, its gone…its intermitant between those speeds though…almost rhythm like…

AWD ? Some 07 - Early 09 CX-9s Had Noise / Vibration Problems Involving The AWD Propeller Shaft Mounts / Universal Joints, But An 09 Mid - Year Production Change Was Made To Remedy This.

I’m not sure what the symptom specifics were.


No,its front wheel drive… so frustrating to have a new car with problems already. I actually sold my old car that was doing this exact same thing…

I Have A GM Car Guru At A GM Dealer About 100 Miles Away From Me. I Call Him When I Have Tough Questions. Hw Wouldn’t Know Anything About Mazda Problems, But . . .

. . . having worked a couple of car dealers, myself, let me make a recommendation.

Your vehicle may or may not be the only one with this same problem. It could be minor, maybe a defective part. Who knows ?

I would go online and using Mazda Dealer “Dealer Locator”, write down a bunch of Mazda dealer phone numbers (near or far from you). Call and ask for the Service Manager (not Service Writer) and describe your vehicle and specific problem. Ask if they’ve heard of this or have an idea what it could be. They don’t need to know that you aren’t in the neighborhood, although you could find a good dealer this way.

From my experience, larger dealers (higher volume sales / service) see common problems / complaints pertaining to specific model / make / model-years often before anybody else. A dealer I worked for spotted problems before the corporate office knew of their existence. Also, some Service Managers are more savvy, have more expertise, and are sharper knives in the automotive drawer.

They’ll probably tell you to come by so they can hear it, but could offer some ideas and you may hit a dealer who has run across this and they can even tell you about a remedy.

It’s worth a try. Let us know what happens.


Thanks for trying to help…I will try my hardest to get it in soon…
We do have a fairly large dealer in the area. Its just finding the time to do it…
Thank you…

Along those lines, make sure you take one of their mechanics or the service manager and drive around to reproduce the noise for them to hear.

No Offense To Professional Mechanics, But Many Have Hearing Loss At Certain Frequencies From Years Of Working In Noisy Shops. It Comes With The Job.

For various reasons you could be told that the dealer people don’t hear anything unusal or that “They all do that.” It’s important to have your complaint documented in writing on a Repair Order and you need to keep a copy and any subsequent copies documenting future complaints.

Another thing you can do is to have the sales department find another vehicle similar to your’s (make, model, year) and let you drive it. Compare the two vehicles and then you may have to take somebody for another ride or two.


Hey, I just read this article, i have the same problem in my cx9 gt 2011 , my transmission shifting is good but i have this problem for 6 months now. If I reprogram the transmission should is gone? Did any one try it ?