2015 Mazda CX-9 - Help with noise

My 2015 Mazda CX-9 with 120k miles and 2 month old tires, recently started making a chopper like whining noise. Though there is no loss of power,2.25 RPM at 70mph speeds, 1.75-2RPM at lower speeds. I suspected an oncoming transmission or engine problem, but the noise was not reducing even when I was taking my foot off the pedal. So it’s not like the engine/ transmission was straining to run. Sounds like it though. Mazda dealership-Service tech said my feathered tires were to be blamed. Performed tire rotation. Tires are new and I have alignment package and regular alignments. Got one recently. Confused if I should get a diagnostic test or just wait for the rotated tires to wear and adjust.(if that’s a possibility).
There are no tire truing services anywhere here. Any advice.

You seem to have all the angles covered. Any chance it’s a wheel bearing?

if you have new tires and a recent alignment i dont see how the tires are feathered already. try driving and put the transmission neutral. if the noise is exactly the same you can probably rule the tranny out. it sounds like a possible wheel bearing. how are your front brakes? if they are near time to replacement there is a wear sensor or metal tab that will hit the rotor and make a squeak like that. just some thoughts

Does the sound change volume as you speed up? Does it change when you turn left or right?