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car dies when stopping or slowing down or when going in reverse

this may be an engine performance issue and not a transmission issue. What is year, make, model and miles on car? Have you kept up with the basics like air filter, spark plug change, etc?

Why do you feel it is a transmission issue? What happens if it is put in neutral?

We really need more information before even considering an answer to your question. How about providing us with, year, make, model, engine size, manual or auto trans, any recent service and some exact symptoms. Does it occur when engine is warm or cold or both…


not mcuh info to make any good analysis…sometimes the torqui convertor clutch disengagement switch/relay fails and won’t allow the torque convertor to disengage completely so it can slip a little like at a light. If it fails you must keep brake on and often the engine will choke out and die…more infor is needed

its a 1986 chrysler 5th avenue and yes maintinece has been kept up on it what it is doing is not engaging 2nd gear right and when it does it rev’s you go to stop at a light and it dies the timing chain and heads have been recently redone on it and when in reverse it will die also but if you get it to 60 than its fine it has a 318 motor and its bogging down at 35 to 45 miles and does a sputtering when in neutral its fine same as in park its just when you try to drive it

I think that you should first stop and think about just how much money you are willing to sink into the repair of this car. Its book value is no more than $500.00, and as a result, spending anything more than a couple of hundred $$ on this 23 year old car does not make good economic sense, IMHO.

If this driveability problem turns out to be engine-related, you might be able to get away for less, but if it is a transmission problem, the repair could easily wind up costing 2 to 4 times the car’s book value. And, then, after sinking all of that money into the car, you would still have a 23 year old car that will inevitably have more repair issues in the near future.

Please give this issue some thought before you get a repair estimate.