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My Ford Taurus 2002 automatic rumbles when I stop at a light.Upon going forward it struggles to get into second gear.After that it ok.I have a 109,000 miles on it and would like to keep it.Is there anything that I can do to extend it’s life or do I replace it?

I am wondering if you might have a problem with the Torque Converter. You might run the Taurus by a transmission technician and have him do a stall test in drive and reverse. If the engine is in good tune and producing the correct power, i.e. there is no engine problem mimicing a transmission problem, and the stall speed is low, that would be indicative of a failing TC.

If the TC has failed but has not trashed the cooler and gotten into the valve body, you might get by with just a TC replacement. If the TC is replaced, check the tranmission oil cooler flow; have the filter replaced; clean the pan and magnet; and consider a flush. That might extend the life of the transmission.

Hope that is what it is.

eddie, The valve bodies in these Taurus’ tend to get a little wacky. I have seen more than my share lately. Hard to tell without actually looking at it. I would definately have a trans shop take a look to be sure.