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Transmission, Toyota Sienna 2005

We just found out that we need a new transmission for our 2005 Toyota Sienna. Are there reasons why a transmission with just 36,000 miles would go out? Any ideas for maintenance? The car had its dealer maintenance at 30,000 without problems with the transmission.

In the absence of abuse or neglect, all that can be said is that these things just happen sometimes. Hopefully your warranty might cover this. If your warranty ran out at 36000 miles and this happened at that exact time, I’d beg and plead for mercy from Toyota to see if they can at least cover a portion of repairs.

The powertrain warranty on my wife’s 2006 Sienna is 5/60 so the transmission should be covered. Check your Warranty booklet to make sure it’s applicable for 2005. Here is the warranty coverage from the Toyota home site. I think the trans fluid and filter change interval is 100k miles, but I’m going to have mine done every 30k.

According to Edmunds, the standard powertrain warranty is 5/60 for a 2005.

Ed B.