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Toyota Sienna warranty about to end

I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna with 35,500 miles and the warranty is about to end. What should I get checked? I had the broken front door hinge welded on warranty and had the back lift door fixed on recall. What other problems have these cars had?

The way warranty work is setup you need an actual symptom and reproducible problem before they look at anything. It is not in the dealer service departments best interest to find problems except for customer goodwill.

If everything appears to work fine leave it be. Realize your powertrain warranty is still in effect for 5yrs/60k.

There is a small delay when shifting from first to second gear. Has this car had transmission problems?

Any issues that are known usually show up in TSB’s or Technical Service Bulletins. Most of those issues are covered whether or not your vehicle is under warranty. The two issues you had fixed were repaired under a TSB at 75,000 miles on my '04 Sienna. I paid nothing.

I would have your steering shaft checked. Mine was clicking slightly as I turned it back and forth and it turned out the shaft was going bad. This too was covered under a TSB and repaired for free. The steering shaft is a common problem on this generation Sienna.

Other than that mine has been trouble free. I have paid for nothing except $12 for a flat repair (my oil changes have been free at the dealer although that is about to run out).

Not free,inclusive in car purchase price,hidden in there somewhere?

Very, very few problems mentioned in TSBs are repaired for free. A recall yes, a TSB a very fuzzy maybe, depending.

And oil changes are not free. You paid for them, with interest, when you bought the vehicle.
The same way people are paying for that “free scheduled maintenance for the first 50k miles” type of thing. A diluted maintenance schedule that does not amount to a hill of beans and easily covered, with interest, in the price of the vehicle anyway.