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Transmission stuck

I have a th400 in a delta 88 and it is stuck in forward gears/ i have no reverse or neutral. what can i do?

How does the shifter feel? The shifter linkage may have come off under the vehicle. You can look under the vehicle and see if you see anything dangling. If the linkage is secure then you need transman.

iuts in a demo derby car so the linkage is out and its a straight shot to shift. i hooked a wire up and that let it fre spin but now no gears. anymore ideas?

I would drop the pan and have a look at the manual valve and linkage assy. If that is good then you most likely have a forward clutch assy which has welded itself together from extreme heat.


C’mon, this is a joke, right? ITS A DEMO DERBY CAR? Slap in another junker transmission or give it up!

Yup i have a welded forward clutch. is ther any way i could unstick them to save the transmission or did I turn it into a boat anchor? I do have another th400 but its missing a speedo gear and has been sitting for a couple years. Is there something I should do to that one to ensure smooth smashing?

You’ve got to gut it, toss everything inside and rebuild using new/used hard parts. More than likely it got so hot its damaged just about everything. Theres a possibility it warped the case. Your best bet is to use the other one and rebuild it and just toss this one whole.


You need a speedo gear to get it smashed up? Why?

thanks transman your help was a great help. now i get to learn to rebuild a trans should be fun.