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Hey, Transman, could you help me?

My grandaughter has a '99 Durango. It has had a problem shifting for quite a while, but she drove it 'til it even started staying in 1st gear. I put Berryman B12 in it but we only drove it a couple of miles. The tran fluid is about down to the add line, but she took it to Certified Transmission before I could add the fluid. They say they can fix it for $2500. Do you have any good advice??

It has 110 k miles and the fluid and filter was changed very recently.

Well, these units had issues with the governor pressure sensor (Transducer) which caused shifting problems. What exactly is it doing??? Is it just staying in 1st gear?? Is reverse working??


Well, reverse works, sometimes it won’t shift out of 2nd and sometimes it won’t even shift out of first. Usually if you pull the lever down to low and move it back to drive, it will shift up. I put Berryman B12 in it but didn’t drive it more than 2 miles. Is the transducer inside the tranny?

It is inside the pan. I would definately have this checked BEFORE even considering overhaul. Its an all too common problem and your symptoms warrant it. Its about $140.00


Thanks much for the advice. You recommended Barryman B12 for my 96 Dodge van several months ago and it helped very much, however I had to add some more a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again.

What is Berryman B12?

This stuff. I usually use it in transmissions which have internal leakages in the clutches. It softens up hardened clutch piston seals.


Oh, you’re welcome. I used this in my own transmission (A Dodge Ram P/U Dually) for several months until I finally found the time to rebuild it. I was adding a can every month. When I finally got into the trans, it was immaculate. I serviced every 25k. On the Durango though, that transducer was a real problem. I hate to see you pay for an overhaul if the problem is just that. Heres what it looks like. They run about $140


Christs, Berryman sure helped my Dodge tranny which was hanging up in 2nd gear. I don’t know of any long range danger in using the stuff.

Transman, my granddaughter’s husband is reluctant to try the “transducer” because the Shop told him it would not help. I am trying to convince him. Would Berryman help on the '99?

Oh of course the shop told him that… They want that $2500 rebuild job. If the shop checked this and ruled it out then thats one thing. I would have them get a second opinion unless your granddaughters husband just has $2500 to burn. Ultimately, its his decision, all we can do is give him other options to look at. Granted, I havnt looked at the vehicle which means I could be totally wrong in my guess but I am just giving him another thing to look at since I see a ton of transducer issues with these transmissions. Please keep me informed of what happens.


Well, he now agrees to give it a try, I went to and came up with this (below). Could this be the right part? STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # TCS45 {TRANSMISSION CONTROL SOLENOID}
TCC Solenoid
More Info
$67.79 $0.00 $67.79

No, thats not it. What you want is the Governor pressure sensor, also called a Transducer. The part you had listed here is a Torque Converter Clutch Lockup Solenoid.

Just to clarify, which engine do you have in the Durango??


OK, I didn’t think it was right. I tried Carquest Auto Parts and all they could come up with was the same part. There is a place not far from here that sells nothing except transmissions and parts, I will check with them. I’ll get back to ya later! Thanks for your patience.

The Durango has the 360 engine. I thot they all did.

Well, transman, we started to install the transducer yesterday (Fri) around 4;30 PM and it was about 50*, it had been in the 60s. By the time we had it done it was in the upper 30s. The Durango seems to shift just fine now, I think he got the part for $72. NOW he has a '73 Inmpala that a guy took out the broken 400 and put in a 350. the starter was making a whole lot of noise and I told him he’d better fix it soon. Well he never until it quit mating with the flywheel. Last night he put another rebuilt starter on it. The previous one had 2 shims under it, so I convinced him to leave one out. Well we got the same results. I don’t know if he has the wrong starter or what. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for your help!!.

ATTABOY Transman!!

Elly, the different transmission in the Impala shouldn’t affect the starter. The flexplate (NOT a flywheel) should be the same. What do you mean by " it quit mating with the flywheel"? Also, what do you mean by “we got the same results”?

I’m sorry I didn’t explain it correctly. They changed the engine not the transmission. I meant that after about 3 starts the starter was spinning but not turning the flywheel. I guess there were teeth missing, but why? The same results as before. Remember the starter made a lot of noise while turning the motor, with the first and last starter. Maybe the flywheel is the whole problem.

Great, I’m glad he decided to change the transducer. $72 is a good price. I gave you the cost of the most expensive one. There are several which will fit this trans with different connectors. Hey, if he still wants to get rid of that $2500, I’ll give him my address…LOL…LOL…As far as his starter situation goes, I’m, not totally sure about his issue there. Does the 350 and the 400 have the exact same starter??? Have you checked this out??