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Limp Gear

I have a '92 Grand Caravan that is (according to one mech I spoke to) stuck in limp gear. How do I fix this. Is it controlled by a sensor? I took it to a transmission shop and, as usual, was told that I need a rebuild. The van takes off fine but will not shift out to the last gear.

Is this a 3spd or 4, I am not sure if there was a 4sp for that model. Usually might be a solenoid but then this vans are notorious for tranny breakdown, but mostly due to lack of maintenance and wrong ATF use. Find an independent tranny shop, not a chain. Also check on allpar foums.

Sounds like the infamous “Ultradrive” transmission. I wouldn’t be suprised if you’re looking at a rebuild.

If its in limp mode, its a 604 transmission (4 Speed). Did the transmission shop scan the TCM for codes or did they just tell you you needed a rebuild?? If they did scan, what codes came up?? This transmission shop you went to, was it a large chain shop??
Dont go consenting to a rebuild just yet, I want to know what code/s have been set to put the trans into limp mode. Post back and we’ll go from there.


It was a national chain(Aamco). They wouldn’t tell me what, if any codes came up. The transmission starts out and shifts to second gear just fine. occaisonally will act like it went to neutral for a second, then shift to what I think is third, then stays there no matter how fast I try to go. I’m not sure what transmission it is either. On th display it has L 3 and D with a circle around it. Is ther a fairly inexpensive code scanner that I can get that will allow me to check the codes myself?

Thanks for your help,

Why, oh why, oh why do people take their cars to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or any other chain for transmission diagnosis and repair?

Going to one of those places is a sure way to be (over)charged for unnecessary repairs and for those repairs to be done badly. Surely terry must have heard some of the horror stories over the years about these chain operated transmission shops.

The old joke (except that it isn’t really funny) is that AAMCO stands for All Automatics Must Come Out, and terry’s experience certainly seems to bear this out.

If you want honestly diagnosed, good quality transmission repairs, you are much more likely to get this from an independent transmission shop. Ask around for recommendations and if possible, use an indy shop that has been in business for at least 3 years.

Good luck!

take it to the dealer,they will tell you what you actually need,and they deal with the A- slip- 04 everyday.

good luck

It was a national chain(Aamco).

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Will people never learn? Shoe salesmen doing transmission work. Might as well have asked the guy at the McDonalds counter.

AAMCO would recommend a transmission rebuild if you had a flat tire. Anyways, DO NOT ok a rebuild, a teardown or ANYTHING until we find out what codes were set. Now, the only downfall of this is that your 92 GC is not going to be OBD-II so accessing the codes are going to have to be done by a trans shop using a SCANNER. Not all scanners can access the TCM (Transmission Control Module) on these cars. With some scanners it takes special software to access the TCM this is why I recommend a trans shop because they are sure to have the proper software to get into the TCM. They are most likely going to charge you for tapping into the TCM and reading the codes but thats ok. You could have something as simple as a $25 speed sensor causing the limp mode. In Pre OBDII vehicles with the A-604 transmission, the TCM will show a 2 digit trouble code. Get these code/s and post back with them so we know where to start.