Transmission stops working at 3.2 miles .... HELP!


So, my mom passed away and I inherited a 2005 Kia Rio. My husband changed the CV Axel for her about 2 years ago since it was popping, and the boot was busted. Ever since we changed the CV Axel it can only be driven 3.2 miles at a time. Once you get to 3.2 miles the transmission doesn’t work. Once the car sits for about 30 min to an hour you can drive another 3.2 miles. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this car except this and it didn’t start until the CV Axel was changed. Advice?

Your problem is not related to the CV axel. what do you mean that it does not work? here is a link to common Kia tranny problems. also there is a software update for some of the transmission problems kia is having.

Most Common KIA Transmission Problems (

Check the fluid level (by the book).

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It did not say whether to check the fluid with the car running or not. Most you do but some you don’t so double check. (on GM, fluid needs to be hot and car in park) When you pull the “axle” out, you get some leakage of trans fluid but it may be a coincidence if the car has never been serviced. If not fluid level, I think the only option is to get it to a trans shop or dealer for a better diagnosis. Could even be electrical I suppose.

When an older car did that, it was time for a rebuild. That may not be the case but it probably has to go to the shop. Since it’s a 2005 I would say to junk it but times have changed and cars are of value if they work. It may be worth fixing if it’s cheaper than buying a working car.

The car only has 51k miles on it and in great condition over all. This is something random out of nowhere. The transmission shop here quoted me $2500 for a NEW transmission. Like I said this didnt start until we changed the CV Axel so I find it hard to believe that just out of nowhere the transmission went out especially because you can drive it until it gets good and warmed up. Someone else suggested a Transmission temperature sensor I would imagine that would be closer to the reason this is happening.

The car stays running but will not drive forward or in reverse when it gets warm it just revs and wont go but then once it cools down for about an hour it drives another 3.2 miles

When you change the CV axles, there’s a seal that keeps the transmission fluid inside the transmission. If you don’t put the seals back in correctly, the transmission fluid will leak out. Transmissions don’t last very long with either low or no fluid.

Not pointing fingers…but I wonder if your husband didn’t get the seals installed correctly, and the fluid drained out of the transmission, or got low.

That’s why you’re having the issue now, and why your mechanic is telling you you’re going to need a new transmission.

Just my two cents. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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I have to agree with the others. Make sure the fluid level is good first. But if it revs in gear as if it were in neutral, I’m afraid the trans is probably shot….

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The OPs husband replaced the axle.

Not the axle seal.


what did the tranny shop say was the problem with the transmission that you needed a new one?

also do you have a check engine light on?
most auto parts stores will scan your vehicle for free. they might be able to tell you the code that comes up for the transmission so you can get an idea of what the problem is. not all transmission codes will set off the check engine light but will show up on the scanner.

The first step is to check the fluid level.

If low, add fluid and see what happens.

If OK, you need further diagnosis. Did the trans shop check the fluid and report to you?

Yes 51,000 is low for a transmission, but is also low for needing an axle. But these things happen.

Not if the axle is clicking because the boot is torn.


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Might indicate the car had more severe use than normal.

Or something was hit that tore the boot.


Sure, but what’s your theory on the trans problem?

I guess we don’t know if it is slipping or what. I had one that would neutral out at the exact same place ar a stop light a number of times. But only when the weather was hot. Who knows what it was?

I have no idea.

Installing an axle shouldn’t cause a transmission to stop working after exactly 3.2 miles.


Like usual though, the last guy that worked on it might get blamed for it.

That reminded me again. We had about a 75 year old baby sitter who ran her 62 Comet into a tree or something. Fender, grill, bumper, headlight, and even bent the tie rod. Fender like a sail. Didn’t know what to do. The insurance guy just bought her out for $500 or so and didn’t want to touch anything that old. Told her I’d fix it. Had a heck of a time finding parts for a car that old but managed to get them for about $50. Parts paint etc. and waxed and polished it to match the new fender and I think I got $125 for it which amounted to 50 cents an hour. I told her she had to have an alignment done. So she collected the other $375 and had to pay for an alignment and then called me up to complain about what the alignment cost and I must have screwed it up because the guy had to re-do a wire connector. So I have some sympathy for folks trying to fix someone else’s car. Besides it was dang cold in the garage without a heater.

So our thought was the seal as well when it first happened so he double checked it. It DOES NOT lose fluid the seal is correct. The car belonged to a 65 year old terminally ill woman who only drove to and from the doctor once a month and occasionally to Hobby Lobby. There was no unusual abuse to the car. Its possible she hit a pot hole or something causing the CV axel issue it popped when she turned so it got changed. I do know prior to us fixing the CV Axel she had the rack and pinon replaced because it kept jumping alignment but that was about 6 months prior to the CV axel issue. I have no issue blaming my husband if something he did would have caused this but hes changed several cv axels over the years and never had this happen. The check engine light is not on but thanks for the tip about scanning it anyways Ill take it up and have it scanned when I can it would be my luck I would have to drive further than 3.2 miles and get stuck for an hour before I could continue my trip :rofl: I would be so pissed. My mom never took it to the trans shop she didnt have the funds to. This is just what they told her over the phone about needing a new transmission.