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2009 Kia Rio5 Transmission Issue

Hello, I have a 2009 Kia Rio5 that has started to have a strange, intermittent issue. It’s an automatic and sometimes when I turn my car on and go to put it in to gear, the car sort of shudders and it feels like something is having a hard time moving in the front of the car. The act of shifting is easy but it sounds/feels like the car is having trouble with it. Then, when I get going, the shift up from 1st to 2nd has the same symptom. The car shudders, there is some lag, and then it goes in to gear. After that it feels, but is hard to determine, that it doesn’t downshift after it goes up into a higher gear. When I slow down my RPMs drop to an oddly low amount and accelerating from a stop is quite different. The car has ~33k miles on it and the transmission fluid looks ok. There are no lights indicating an error. If you need more information about the car let me know.

Doesn’t Kia Have A Drive-Train Warranty That Encompasses The Age And Mileage Of Your Vehicle ?

With this problem at 33K, after having the diagnostic trouble codes read out both for the engine and the transmission, then checking the fluid level in the transmission (not always an easy thing to do correctly), I’d probably ask my shop to do a proper transmission service. Drop the pan, do a visual inspection for metal filings, pieces of broken metal, etc, then if everything seems ok, replace the filter, and replenish with new fluid. It’s possible that will fix the symptom. If not, time for a visit to your local inde transmission shop.