No gears found

Car starts. Shifter moves. Finds no gears. Up and down the shifter goes…nothing.

Ran great - parked it when I got to work - when I went to leave - nothing.

Where to start? Sensor? VSS? Linkage (is it a manual linkage?)


Did you check the transmission fluid level/condition?


Hi Tester - yes, the fluid is not only in proper level and order - it was dropped, filter changed and flushed and filled about a month before that happened.

Seems so odd to me that it just broke while it wasn’t moving…I’ve had a few transmissions crap out on me…but never like this…

That was a month ago. Have You checked it today? If not, then now is the time to do it.
I assume the problem showed up today.

yes, yes and yes. Fluid present on dipstick and clean (brand new practically…)

Was this done because you were having problems with the transmission, and hoping this would cure it ?

Was the proper fluid used ? not all transmission fluids are the same, just because it said Mercon doesn’t mean it was the right Mercon.

It was done when I purchased the vehicle - becuase it still AFAIK had the factory fluid and filter.

There were no problems prior to this.

FWIW - the fluid change was done by a reputable mechanic who is sadly no longer with us.

I would help to know year make and model as well as the type of transmission (manual or auto) and number of miles on it. By now I have surmised that it is an automatic, but the rest would help. Also if auto, is it a CVT or a geared transmission.

If the OP’s identification of the vehicle as a Mercury Sable is accurate, we can rule out a CVT, and because of the elimination of that marque, we can surmise that it is at least 10 years old. I don’t think that they were sold with anything other than a conventional automatic trans.

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Didn’t see that it was a Sable. I have trouble seeing a light gray type on a white background.

04 Mercury Sable Wagon.

Column shift - it’s just so weird. Can’t figure it out.

Does it feel any different when you move shifter? Any sign it’s a linkage problem?

Nno, not really - feels like you would be putting it right into gear and taking off - but it engages no gear.

When in drive will the car move if pushed? That would prove that the transmission is not in park due to a broken shift cable.

If the shift cable were broken, all the OP would have to do is shift into reverse and see if the back-up lights turn on.


Car does not move at all - no matter where the gear shift is at any time.

Didn’t look to see if the backup lights come on - the brake lights work, I know that…

AFAIK? FWIW?, meaning?

AFAIK=As far as I know
FWIW=For what it’s worth

When you say “flush,” what exactly was the procedure done?