2005 Sable Won't Shift From 1st to 2nd

2005 Sable just operates in first, park, N and R. When it goes to shift from 1st to 2nd nothing engages and engine revs. If left in 1st position, it is fine but, of course stays in first. If in D or OD, it starts of normally with no slipping but just revs when shifting from 1st to 2nd. Car must come to a complete stop again before it will go again in 1st. I never had a problem at all with shifting or slipping. This just happened all at once. The only thing it would do strange on occasion is slightly accelerate when I left off the pedal. I have been reading some forums and the VSS seems to be a problem and sometimes the TSS. The problems described seem like those of the VSS but My Ford parts guy said there is no VSS on tranny but 1 on each ABS sensor.

Please Help.

Thank You…

EDIT Won’t shift from 2nd to D