05 merc sable starts fine but will not drive reverse or even go into low gear

Please help me, I was running errands today cuz I yake care of my mom she is disabled n it’s her car owned and all neways I’m driving and all of a sudden the care makes a funny like reving down n just completely wont drive or go in reverse or even third, thank god I was going past police station n as I was on the phone with my friend I was told check the transmission fluid I did full n great … why pls someone help me this is my moms only mode of transportation to n from drs appt. I dont know what to do we r not rich we r both disabled my for schizoaffective n hers from a stroke we collect from ssa I cant have this happen pls someone tell me how to fix her or what’s even wrong with her… yes the car is a her lol but pls anybody at all

The first thing to check is to see if the shifter linkage is moving the transmission shift rod on the transmission. The cable end may be broken at the transmission and will not take car out of park even though the selector is moving. Move selector into drive or reverse before trying to start the vehicle. If it still cranks up then the transmission may be stuck in park due to cable. If transmission cable is okay then you have major internal transmission problem or no fluid or low fluid.

She was driving at the time, probably not in park.


It’s not the shifter it’s fine we r going to drain the fluid and put new back in to see if that’s the case n yes I was driving when it shit itself, its not belt squeak… just wont go into any gears… man oh man can anyone mechanic come out to my house and look I’ll make you lunch I dont get my check till next Wednesday so I’ll be happy to pay anyone then but we need help ASAP

It does go into other gear not the problem while on I step on the brake shifts into all gear it just will not drive or reverse or low n no noises when you put into any gear no grinding or squeaky noise I need help asap…

Correct t I was driving at 25 mph then it made a reving down sound and just stopped moving car starts fine when the hit the brake to put it into gear like drive nothing reverse nothing low nothing… the (excuse my language) bitch just wont move n no grinding or squeaking just will not engage into any of the gears

I don’t think changing the fluids will make a difference, especially since you said the fill level showed OK.

It could be as simple as a sensor, but without a scan tool it is almost impossible to give you advise and possibly chase a ton of dead-end leads and waste your time and money.


Ur absolutely right my best friends fiancee is a mechanic checked it n said I buy a used transmissions off Ebay n 1 yr warranty hell but it together I found one for 451.03 obo whats a good no low ball off 375 or to low?

You want to buy a transmission from Ebay . Not a good idea . That warranty might be worthless . Plus you will have shipping both ways if it is bad . Plus labor to put it in and take back out if it is bad.


If this mechanic has offered to replace the transmission let him choose the transmission on Ebay, he should be more capable of selecting the part, the company offering the part and the location.

FWIW, when I buy something on Ebay I pick up the part, I don’t buy from 2,000 miles away, there is no delivery charge. There are local businesses that sell on Ebay, you have to look for them.

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I don’t really understand why you would want to spend your money on a used transmission when you have not even diagnosed the problem with the one that’s inside the car now. If you or your mechanic friend has, I sure would like to know what the diagnosis is. What if it is just a blown 25 cent blown fuse?

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He did pick it out ok then where should I go n I’ll snapshot what the Warranty includes

No free shipping hes not charging labor cuz hes my best friends fiance

We checked the fuses im so grateful that u care can u come n check it out

N I was wrong an 2003 merc sable

The labor to install a used transmission will be more than the cost of the transmission, and you do not buy a transmission from eBay.

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Ok I’ll tell my mechanic hes wrong… will u tell me where to buy one pls help me sir!!!

Let your mechanic get the parts from a source he trusts. Good luck!