I have a 2004 SLS that was driving perfect but now for some reason won’t shift in to 2nd, could it be a shift sensor. and if so is it located in the engine compartment.

Thank You


Is the check engine light on?

You need to 1) check the fluid - note its color, odor, and level; 2) have the car’s computer scanned for codes. That is the crystal ball but I can only use the crystal ball if the car is nearby. But the crystal ball has codes it will cough up that you can report.

If the engine light is on, many national chain auto parts stores will scan codes for free.

Other codes require more specialized scanners and you may need to have a transmission shop scan it. Do not go to a national chain trans shop, however. You need a local trans shop.


Thanks So much for reply, There is no dip stick to check the trans fluid and no there’s no light on either…That’s what throws me off.



I am constantly mystified by this trend of not allowing people access to checking their trans fluid. Insane. Unfortunately you’ll have to run it into a trans shop for evaluation. The top local shop near me does a full evaluation with code scanning for $75 - I think they nullify that charge if you end up having any actual work done.