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Transmission selenoid pack problem

I was recently told by my local dealer that my '01 PT Cruiser’s “transmission selenoid pack” is leaking and they want $325 to repair. There is NO evidence of any leakage on the garage floor where the car is parked, the car has a little over 40,000 original miles on it and I have kept it well maintained since buying it. I want your opinion on this matter, does it sound feasable or what?? Thanks for your time on this matter. It just seeems to me that if something is leaking there should be evidence of a leak, right?

Thanks for your assistance!!!


They may mean that it is leaking internally, losing pressure inside the transmission, rather than leaking onto the floor. I don’t know the PT Cruiser that well, but if the solenoid pack is atop the tranny like it is on the Caravan/Voyager, it’s a very easy repair. Might take half an hour. Aftermarket part is under $100. Don’t reinstall the .125" shim if you do it yourself.

I’d suggest getting a second opinion from a good indy shop.

I would also say that it wouldn’t hurt to go to an independent shop.

Did you actually inquire about this with the dealer? I.e. did you tell them that you see no sign of a leak. Ask them to actually show you or to explain if it is an internal leak (which it could be).

FYI: Some shops will do a once over of the outside of the trans for leaks for free. (If you want them to run diags for an internal problem though, its often an hours labor or so.)

Yes, I did explain about me not finding any evidence of leaks, when asked about seeing where leak was evident, was told no-one allowed in shop area because of customer liability. They never offered do do diags for an internal problem.

Thanks for your reply

Double post:

If the loss of fluid is not evident on the garage floor and the reservoir level is not dropping, they probably mean that one of the solenoid valves if allowing fluid to leak past. That could spell difficulties with having a clutch partialy applied, not able to get full lock up of a clutch, or lowering of line pressure enough that you could get slippage. You don’t mention if you are having shifting problems; if the CEL light is ‘on’; if the OD light is continuously ‘on’ or flashing; the transmission is overheating; or why the dealer was looking at the solenoid pack. If the reservoir level is dripping, remember that any external leak at the solenoid pack is going to occur while the car is moving and may be occuring in only one gear. Did they do the diagnosis using the scan tool? Even though they will not let you in to eyeball the leak, will the service writer or mechanic explain further exactly what is wrong – record the conversation if it is allowed. You have probably paid for the diagnosis so they owe you a clearer explanation of what is wrong and any consequences of not replacing the pack.

Get back to us on the resolution of this problem. TNX