Leaking transmission "solenoid pack"


I have an '01 PT Cruiser, little over 40,000 actual miles, has been well maintained. After a “Spring” check-up at the dealer’s I was informed that the transmission solenoid pack was leaking and would cost $325 to repair, was also told that if it wasn’t taken care of it would cause severe damage to transmission. There aren’t any signs whatsoever of a leakage under the car’s parking space in the garage, wouldn’t there be something on the concrete to indicate a leak?

I really need your help on this one!!! Thanks for your time on this problem!!!

Happy P.T. Owner…


This is a fairly common problem with these transmissions. However, there should be fluid visible on the transmission case if there is a leak. And a leak won’t cause “severe damage” in and of itself; the problem would be running with the fluid level too low if you don’t keep an eye on it. Ask them to point out the leak.

Time to find an independent shop if these guys can’t show you the leak. Heck, it’s probably time even if they can.


Thanks for your advice!!! Happy P.T. Owner