02 Caravan Transmission Solenoid Pack


I was told that I need to have the solenoid pack replaced because it is leaking. Roughly, where is the pack located - top, bottom, front back? Other than swapping out the pack, is there anything else I need to know.

Also, this Caravan has 113K miles on it and I don’t think the trans fluid/filter has ever been changed. I seem to be reading elsewhere that a complete flush of fuild will then require the trans to be “retrained”. Should I simply change the filter and top it off with ATF+4 and not bother with the flush?



The solenoid pack is located on the front of the transaxle. Follow the large wiring harness and you’ll find it.

Definitely change the fluid and filter. Even this change can cause some initial roughness in shifting because of the resulting change in friction characteristics of the new fluid and change in flow from the new filter. However, the TCM will quickly adapt to the changes. Do another fluid and filter change in 25K miles. I’m glad you know that you must use ATF+4 only.