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Transmission Leak

I had a mechanic replace my original engine 0f 120k with a 60k engine. Seems like I ran out of oil and warped my original engine and this was my only option. So as soon as I get the van back the transmission is dripping fluid and the mechanic said that some $285 thing in the transmission went bad and must be replaced, (plus $85 labor). This has nothing to do with replacing your engine. Can this be true?

Tell us what year it is and exactly what is leaking and then someone can say. The only thing I’d say is likely their “fault” would be a front pump seal as that should get replaced when the engine was done. But that would cost more like $500 in labor - rather than only $82.

Its probably also not “in” the transmission.

Was it a solenoid pack? A cooling line or external cooler? Even radiator?

Its possible that whatever it was got disturbed by the jostling of engine R&R, but its probably not their “fault.” But find out exactly what it is and say so.

Sorry, I went out for a smoke and forgot to come back. My mechanic said that it was the “shift control solenoid” that is leaking. My feeling is that it was working and not leaking when I brought my car in to the shop. $3500.00 for a used engine and labor to install and suddenly, it leaks. I live 200 yards from the garage that I use. Should my garage be responsible?

We still don’t even know what year it is. How would anyone be able to comment? Going by 120k miles, however, why couldn’t something just start leaking at any time? No one can inspect the car so without details details details no one can comment.

I can say that if it was the “solenoid pack” that was leaking (but without a year who could figure out what the solenoid set up is?), that should stay intact on the transmission and would not be removed. But it is external and could be bumped, etc.

Once again, you gotta give info.

Not a bad price to replace a solenoid pack. It is best to replace them than trying to rebuild one because unless you are really good with them, they will continue to leak and not operate properly. Changing the engine did not cause the solenoid pack to leak UNLESS the mechanic removed the transmission during the engine R&R and smacked the solenoid pack on something cracking it. If this is not a transmission shop doing this make sure they reset the shift adapts after replacing it.


Ok. First let me apologize for my first postings with no information. As you can tell I have little knowledge about engine repair or replacement. The Tappet Brothers would have had a field day with me.

2003 Chrysler Town and Country LXI. As my mechanic showed me, the shift control solenoid is located in the lower front drivers side of the engine. (When I open the hood, it is on the right side as I look at it.) It looks like it would have been part of the replacement engine verses taken off of my original engine.
When I took my car in to have the engine replaced, this thing had never leaked before. When I got it back, it was leaking. So my thought was: When I gave it to you it was fine and when I got it back it was not.

What transman said basically fits. The solenoid pack is mounted to the transmission, not the engine. (As you look under the hood, roughly the left 2/3 of that gunk is engine; the right third or so is transmission). Unless they did whack it on something and damage it, then this was just coincidental. The solenoid pack wasn’t involved in the work except to the extent that the transmission had to come out and then be reinstalled.

Thank You! Keith Menchel