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Transmission Repair for Eclipse

I have a 2001 Eclipse with a shot transmission. Questions

1. The shop is charging me $680 to take apart the transmission and diagnose. Is this too much money? I feel like I’m being taken. If it takes them 6 hours to take apart and diagnose the transmission that is over $100/hour for labor!!!

2. They say the total repair of the tranny will cost $3380-parts and labor. This again seems too much. Am I just being naive in thinking that they are charging too much?

Best way to determine if the price is fair is to call around and see what other shops charge. We don’t know where you live, and labor rates vary considerably. If this shop is a dealership, then it is probable that you can find a quality independent shop (not a franchise operation, although some of them can be very good) to do the work cheaper. You should also address your concerns with the owner of the shop, if you think you are being overcharged, and let him detail the costs out to you, in terms of hours required and parts required.

Your note is somewhat confusing – have they actually taken the trans apart and evaluated, or is the $3380 a really rough estimate? If you have sunk $680 already, does the $3380 represent additional cost, or is the $680 part of the $3380.

Transmission repairs are more costly than folks think today, overall.

Thanks for the advice. I guess I feel that car repair shops overcharge me because I’m female and automatically have a “sucker” in bold written on my forehead as soon as I walk into the shop.

The $680 is part of the final $3380 cost.