Transmission Question -- 1996 Buick LeSabre


I have a 1996 Buick LeSabre with almost 125K on the odometer. I purchased the car with 79,713 and at 81,261 I had the transmission pan dropped, the filter changed out, and fresh fluid poured in at Lee Myles. At 124,416 (43,259 miles later) I had the transmission service (pan drop etc.) done at my local independent mechanic. Before the latest service transmission had no noticeable problems.

Since the latest service, transmission hesitates on first shift in the morning. I must shift all the way down to 1st and back up to drive before the car goes into gear. After the first start, the car goes directly into drive for the rest of the day. Must drop to first only after the car has been sitting overnight or longer.

Fluid level seems fine when checked warm/hot after a drive (I drop down through all gears and back up to park and check the fluid with the engine running.) I took it back to the local independent shop and they added transmission fluid twice. Mechanic is stumped…

What is wrong and what do I do now? Thanks for any help!


Any takers on this one? I am leaving for a road trip soon. How worried should I be?