94 LeSabre Shudders around 50mph


My 1994 Buick LeSabre has a little Shudder in Overdrive when you go up a slight incline around 50 MPH When it does it I let off the gas then hit the gas again it’s ok then.It does this every once in awhile not all the time. Is this a transmission problem or a Fuel Injector problem??? Any help would be great.



When was the last time the transmission fluid was serviced? If it’s been a while, you might try that first.

The transmission fluid contains an additive that prevents what is called clutch chutter. And from what you describe, it sounds like this is what’s happening. If the fluid has been serviced on a regular basis, then what I would try is adding an additive from LubeGuard called Chutter Stop. This is formulated to stop clutch chutter.



I am getting it flushed and replaced tomorrow I hope it works.It’s actually overdue, the last time it was flushed and replaced was at 116K It’s at 165k now. Thanks for your answer.


I hope that includes REPLACING the transmission filter.


I went to the trans place today they said it was the converter and recommended not flushing the tranny. Does this sound right? Said it would cost about $900 to replace. They showed me the sediment in the pan and said flushing could cause more harm then good. Does this sound right or should I get a second opinion?? Drove it today and had no shudder at all.