2017 Ford Explorer Transmission problems

My son has a 2017 Ford Explorer with about 80K+ miles on it (sorry, I don’t have any more identifying specifics about the vehicle). He says the transmission “slips” between 55 and 60 mph but drives fine at lower/higher speeds. Since I know very little about Fords, especially the newer models, I am looking at a simple fluid/filter change, solenoid, or something else possibly wrong with the vehicle? Thanks in advance.

Don’t bother.


Sure, do a fluid and filter change… couldn’t hurt.

Beyond that, can’t offer much help with from a second had vague problem description. Best bet is for your son to take the car to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

Use a real independent transmission shop not one of chain things .

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He said the car is still under warranty, and they take it to the dealership for everything. They are supposed to have the oil changed soon and was gonna have the dealership, where his wife used to work, look at it. I was just trying to get some idea/understanding to pass on to him as to what to expect.

If you take it to the dealer for the transmission service, they’re going to flush it.


A 2017 Explorer wouldn’t have an old 5R55S in it.

They are taking it for the regular motor oil change that’s due and were going to have them diagnose the transmission problems, sorry if I wasn’t clear on that.

sorry, I stand corrected again. LOL

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Take a look at the trans fluid, if you can. Our 2017 30k miles, bought used with 27k. Had the GMC dealer do a change as the fluid was tan. Not sure if they did a flush or whatever, book says 100k miles until a change, I was happy to pay for it. Tow package so not sure if it was due to previous owner doing a lot of towing, eased my mind though.

First step, make sure the transmission fluid is the correct level. Next, does the transmission fluid look clear and smell fresh, or does it look black w/a rancid odor?

When an automatic “slips”, that means something inside isn’t developing the force required to engage the transmission clutches. Common causes: Low trans fluid, damaged/burned trans fluid, Internal seals are getting stiff, solenoid has failed, filter clogged. New trans fluid will have fresh seal conditioners, which may buy some time but eventually if the seals are shot a rebuild is in the future.

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The tiny dipstick on this trans is only accessable from underneath if it is the 6 speed. Not sure if the 10 speed has even that.