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Transmission Problems

I have a '05 Ford Escape XLT (4x2 with auto 4x4) with approximately 108,000 miles. Recently, I’ve been having issues with my transmission. If I let off of the accelerator, allowing the vehicle to coast for a few seconds, then press down on the accelerator, I feel and hear a thump as the vehicle switches from coast to acceleration. It doesn?t happen every time, but it happens enough to worry me. It only happens when going from coasting to pressing down on the accelerator. It doesn?t happen when the cruise control is on, and if I coast, then apply the brakes, and then step on the accelerator, it doesn?t happen. It also doesn?t happen when accelerating from a dead stop. Thanks!

you could hope for a broken or detached motor mount or trans mount. if they allow the powertrain to move around, it would happen when the load forces chenge direction, like going from coast to accelerate. something to hope for, since it should be much cheaper.