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Transman - transmission symptom clarified


Yes, When I take my foot of the gas to coast - the revolutions drop rapidly from 3000rpms to 1000rpms - particularly on steep downhills and I feel a jerk - it was not always as noticeable as it is now. I have owned the car for almost three years.

On flat stretches of road, it jerks a bit and the tach needle jumps when I take my foot off the gas to coast. It is very noticeable in bumper to bumper traffic when I am constantly transitioning from coast to idle, to accelerating at low speeds. If I drive at low speeds - residential areas with lots of stopping and starting - the transitions are also noticeable.

If I dirve on the highway at speeds of 45 and up, the car seems fine.

The symptom seems to be related to coasting at low speeds and idling. I hope it’s not the transmission - but want to make sure I address whatever is causing it.

Thank you for your interest.