2017 Ford Escape - Thumps

Hi. I have a problem with the Ford Escape (Kuga). When moving off, you hear a rhythmic thump with a metallic sound. This only happens when you start off (in low gear). I checked it while driving uphill and you could hear a rhythmic thump as if you were hitting metal with a hammer. Is this a problem with the gearbox? Dziękuję!

More likely an exhaust heat shield or a motor/transmission mount.

I doubt it has anything to do with the transmission internals. Still, the first step is to check the transmission fluid level of course. Does your Escape use Ford’s problematic dual clutch automatic transmission?

This is a front wheel drive vehicle, right? If so, if not the exhaust/mount problem noted above, my guess is a problem of some sort in one of the drive axles. Are any of the boots torn?