Transmission Problems

Hi there,

I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have had in the past year a problem that I believe is with the transmission. What happens is when I shift from park into drive it takes about 5 sec’s to shift in to gear and when it does its a hard shift. Sometimes it goes in slowly but most of the time its hard. This problem does not happen all the time. It could go a couple weeks with out doing and then do it 2 or 3 times in one week. I have had it at a dealer for a week and they have not found anything. There are also different things it does but I wont get into that on the first post.

Have you checked the fluid level? Low transmission fluid level is a common cause of delayed engagement, among other transmission problems. If you had a transmission flush done recently, the wrong type of fluid could have been used, causing problems. I believe your transmission requires ATF+4, and if Dexron3/Mercon was used, which is a common mistake, that could cause all kinds of issues.

Thanks for the Reply, I guess I should have explained a little better. Its been at the dealers since Monday. On monday they dropped the pan and changed the filters and oil. They took it out for a test drive after and as he pulled out the drive and stopped at the road it stalled. This is one of the other issues that it has been doing. When it does that it seems like it is not disengaging the clutch because when it has happend to me while I am pressing on the brake to come to a stop it keeps pushing forward until there is enough break pressure to stall it.