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Transmission Problems 1998 Olds Silhouette - transman, et al?

Folks sorry for the double post. I created the previous discussion without adding the issue to the discussion title…

1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 218000 miles - yes I know its beyond its useful lifetime…

This is my beater car and I would hate to get rid of it at this point. I had the transmission replaced once around 120,000 miles ago, and have had the new one serviced and maintained - fluid was change at approximately 60,000 miles on the new trans. Now to my question. It seems over the last 1000 miles or so, the car is making a whining noise when its just started and cold - it will dissipate after the car is warmed up. If I drive the car prior to the transmission fluid being hot, its slips in reverse and shudders from a dead stop going forward (say at a traffic light). It has also started slipping when trying to accelerate too quickly. I’m thinking this might be a fluid pump problem. Is there anyway to check to determine if it is bad and change the pump myself? Or is this something more serious like the torque converter?

How do you know it is the transmission? What about your power steering pump? Could your alternator be buzzing?

Thanks for the quick response! While the noise could be from another component, the slipping on acceleration is not. The shuddering seem like its caught trying to engage/shift geers (maybe the shifting solenoid??). I have also replaced the PWR Steering pump, belts, etc recently. Alternator/PWR steering pump I believe is on the other side of the car from where the noise is at startup