2003 Olds Silhouette Transmission

I’m the original owner and have 140K non-towing, light duty miles on it. A couple of times last summer (after several hundred highway miles on a hot day) the transmission began hard shifting. Each time the next day everything was fine. Checking the dipstick, oil level, color and smell was fine. Is it reasonable to take it to a trans shop for a flush and clutch adjustment? Is there a filter that should be changed? I took it to a national chain shop and they were less-than-interested to “drop the pan” and make any adjustments! Another shop said that ‘sometimes changing the fluid can do more harm than good,’ so what is the best protective measure that I can take?


The best protective measure you can take is to stay away from national chain shops.

Find an independent transmission specialist and take the vehicle there.

Changing the fluid NEVER does more harm than good.

Has the transmission fluid ever been changed before?


Hello, I am the owner of a 1999 Silhouette 96K miles a similar problem. My problem has existed since 20K miles. After Warming up it starts to shift very harshly and is accompanied by a loud (pump?) humming noise. I cannot make it happen but it seems to happen in cold weather more often. If I shut the car off and let it stand for a couple of minutes and restart it it is OK. I asked a Olds dealer and he said it needs to be torn down and rebuilt. I was wondering if it could be an electronic problem. dick

I took my vehicle to a family owned shop to have my transmission fluid changed. Thus a competent mechanic, doesn’t have to be a trans specialist can service your transmission.

He or she can tell you if there is a filter, etc.

Trans fluid should be drained & replaced like engine oil, not flushed.

To paraphrase others on this board, if the fluid change “causes” problems, then it didn’t have long to live anyway.

Well, other than you TOTALLY neglecting your transmission (They need to be serviced every 25-30k miles) you need to have the computer scanned for codes. The harsh shifting is the computer telling you that it has found a problem and has increased the line pressure to keep the transmission from destroying itself. Take it to one of your local auto parts stores and have them scan the computer. Post back here with the code/s and their description/s and we can go from there.


When it acts up take it immediately to a local auto parts store (without shutting the engine off) and have them scan the computer. Post back here with the code/s.


I hope that I’m not destroying the transmission with continued use after hard shifting, but if the transmission is failing and compensating with higher oil pressure and a scanner can indicate codes for the problem, should the check engine light come on during this time? Mine has not come on…

And if the tranny should be serviced regularly, should this be done by the dealer rather than a tranny shop?

Thanks again.

I have seen many times codes set without the CEL being lit.
Drive it, when the transmission starts to harsh shift, take it to one of your local auto parts stores without shutting the ignition off and have them scan the computer for codes. Post back here with the code/s and the description and we can go from there.