Silhouhette transmission

I have 2004 silhouette with a transmission shudder between first and second under moderate acceleration 76000 mi

Have you ever changed the transmission fluid? This is the one fluid that really should be changed more often than the auto maker recommends. I am not saying that is the reason for your problem.

I Would check your transmission fluid level, the color and the smell (does it smell burnt?).

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You do need to start with a report of the maintenance history on the transmission. If you’re like a lot of people you’ve never had it serviced. If that is true, the first thing to do is just take it is a reputable, local and independent transmission shop (i.e. avoid the national chains such as AAMCO). Have the shop drive it, evaluate it, scan it for codes, etc. If nothing dire comes up then its pan should be dropped and the filter replaced. If it has been 76K without a service I would also just ask for a full fluid exchange once there is a new filter in there.

Your manual might tell you that it takes Dexron III but you’ll want to end up with Dexron VI transmission fluid in it.

transmisson serviced at the dealer (oil change) at about 60,000 ; now it has 76000;
oil level appears ok and doesn’t smell burnt. I read on the internet that there are problems with a clutch pack in this tranny. Before I bring it to the dealer I wanted some opinions from someone who might have had experience with this transmission. It was used in all of GM’s minivans that year so there are a lot of them out there.

Actually it was used in almost all GM 6 cylinder cars - minivan or not - for many many years (starting in about 99-00 or so). It is a 4T65E. I’d suggest 2 things. One is to just do some general internet searches on this problem using 4T65E in the search term. See what other people have come across. Second, you don’t need to go to a dealer. A good local transmission shop will normally give much better service at a fraction of the hassle and cost.

What did the dealer’s “service” include? Was the filter actually changed? (This is not as routine as it is with an oil change since the bottom pan of the transmission has to be removed).

Are there any symptoms other than in the 1-2 shift?

the service was what ever they do for about 125.00 I will search 4T65E. There are no other symptoms with the transmission.; and it occurs only with moderate acceration not light
thank you