Transmission question



I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette. Recently I have noticed that when the engine is cold, at about 20 mph, if I push the accelerator the engine revs, but the car does not accelerate. I have to take my foot off the gas until the the gear shifts. Is this what is referred to as the transmission slipping? What steps should I take to repair this problem?


Check your transmission fluid for fluid level and color. Check your manual for proper trans fluid check procedure.


Your transmission needs some attention. Perhaps just more fluid, perhaps a change of fluid to get the old stuff out and fresh fluid in. If the trans has never been serviced it could be the first signs of a tranmission on the way to failure.

The sooner you get it checked out the better your chances of saving it. Aviod AAMCO and chain transmission shops, look for an independant trans shop that has a track record in your community. Good luck.