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Transmission problem

A few months ago I bought my wife a used 2003 dodge neon SE. It only had 40,000 miles on it and a clean carfax. Well, shortly after the “check engine” light popped on and it would’nt go over 30mph. I took it back to the seller (although I had no warranty) and his machanic found out that the radiator had a hole in it an antifreeze leakedinto the tranny. The radiator was changed and tranny flushed…Just last week the same thing happened (engine indicator light and won’t go over 30mph). The tranny fluid looks good and though it won’t go over 30mph it rides good…Help!!!

Take it somewhere and get the computer error code(s) read, then post it(them) here. They look like P0123. Some auto parts places, like AutoZone will read them for free.

Once you get engine coolant into an automatic transmission, you can pretty much count on a rebuild. Engine coolant destroys the friction elements and sealing rings inside an automatic. If its not happening now, pretty soon the friction element will be separating from the plate.