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Is it my transmission?

My car was acting like it was in neutral. After cooling down for 20 minutes, it would drive about a block. Then it would not drive. Any Suggestions or ideas?

Start with the basics. Is the transmission fluid at the right level? Is it pink or red without a burnt smell?

How many miles are on the car? Has the transmission been properly maintained all along?

Yes, the fluid is at the proper level. No burnt smell. 165,000 miles. I have never had any work done on the transmission.

When this happened, did it drive in reverse? Does it now? If so, does it refuse to move at all in any forward gear now, or was this a one time event and now things are back to normal? Your question seems to indicate that this is the case.

“I have never had any work done on the transmission.” You are about to…

After it sat for 20 minutes, it drove about a block.Things are not back to normal.

You ain’t never lied.

I just spun the wheel of misfortune and it stopped on 1995-2001 31TH Neon Torque convertor clutch failure and plugged valve body. Shop around at local transmission shops for a rebuild (this is a simple trasmission). Hope for around $800. Take it to them and let them diagnose the problem.

Even though it is not a listed maintenance item for most cars, an automatic transmission is likely to last a lot longer if the fluid is changed on a regular bases, like every 30-40,000 miles. Once it starts having problems, it usually means it is too late.

For some reason people ignore maintenance and after they start having problems they finally have the fluid change, and when it fails shortly after, they blame it on getting the fluid changed, not the lack of fluid changes.

Thank you!!!That’s basically what the man said that has my car. Only he is saying 12-1600.00 for him to rebuild-Which I will bet it will be the $1600.00. Double the price, I think that is a little much.

What year is the car?

'02 dodge neon

That explains the higher price, 2002 to 2005 Neons have the 41TE 4 speed transmission. Older models have a 3 speed auto.