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Element Transmission

My 2007 Honda Element has a blown transmission. I have 19000 miles on the car. My dealer picked it up and is replacing the transmission. However everyone including my mother is telling me it will not be right again. Should I push for a new car. Oh and I had it to the dealer 2x before the failure but they couldn’t find anything wring with it.

You can “push for a new car”, but you are not likely to get it. The terms of the warranty specify that the manufacturer is reponsible for replacing defective components during the term of the warranty, and that is exactly what they are doing.

Perhaps you are referring to the Lemon Law, but you really have to give much more detail on what caused you to bring it in to the dealership twice, prior to the transmission failure. You should also read the details of the Lemon Law in your state in order to see the circumstances under which someone qualifies for a new vehicle or a refund. The text of the Lemon Laws for all 50 states should be sitting in your glove compartment, along with the other booklets supplied with the car.

Keep us posted on your progress. Good Luck!

I wouldn’t worry about it-- if the only problems you’ve been having are transmission related, a new transmission will sort them right out! People replace transmissions all the time with no ill-effects, which is doubly true because you’re no doubt getting a new OEM one. Lucky you!

You won’t get a new car. Never worry about “repair spoilage”, or stuff that is beyond your control. You’re getting it fixed anyway. Never listen to family and friends in a situation like this. Be polite but don’t let them rattle you. They want to tell you who to vote for. Don’t register to vote or your name will go in the jury duty selection pool. They will bother you forever. You won’t listen to that, will you?

Forget that “it will not be right again” stuff. I was not right to begin with, but chances are, it will be right now. There is no reason a transmission can’t be replaced be as good, or in this case better, than new.

i had a bad transmission on my car a couple of years ago.
i got the transmssion rebuilt.
now i have “only” 145,000 miles on that transmission.

don’t believe that it “won’t be right.”
it is a machine, and can be repaired.
it doesn’t have “karma” or a “psyche” to worry about. (you may, your mom does… but your car doesn’t)