Saturn ion 2003 makes grinding sound - video inside

Hey guys,

This car makes this grinding sound whenever you first start the car in the morning on a cold day and take a left turn. After 5 minutes it won’t do it anymore. I can’t tell if it’s coming from the transmission but that’s what one mechanic said. He said it was the transmission but he couldn’t target where. His first diagnoses was the struts but that proved incorrect so I’m taking what he says with a grain of salt.


This car has the notorious GM lawsuit CVT transmission


Does the car seem to jerk when that grind happens?

Did your shop check the engine and transmission mounts? From the symptom, that’d probably be the place to start. And checking them is usually fairly easy to do.

Hi, I originally thought it was the motor mounts myself as there’s a slight jerk to the engine when you shift gears, and when you start the car, with the hood open, but after he looked he said the slight jerk is “normal” and the motor mounts were moving correctly. That’s when he advised it could be the struts. I would say the jerk to the engine is about an inch or two when you start the car or shift gears, but there’s no clunking noise.

There is a slight pull to the left of the car but I was thinking maybe that’s the alignment after he told me the motor mounts were good.

I’m taking it in for a second opinion, but I appreciate you guys responding and trying to help clue me in prior to me going in there.

No, the car does not jerk when it is happening, thank you for your response

The video is no long enough to ascertain a problem. Sounds normal to me.

A grinding when turning left sounds like a bad right front wheel bearing.