Transmission problem lexus gs450h

Has anyone had a similar problem, I have a GS450H Lexus - it is a 2007 but only has 60,000 miles. After Lexus Service had my car for two weeks they now say I need a new transmission??? They are offering to split the bill of $6500 with me because of the low mileage. Why would I need a new transmission already??- could this be related to the recall they had of GS450H 2007 models - they were recalled due to an “engine problem”

What are the symtoms that would lead anyone to diagnose it in this manner ?

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Way too little miles for this to happen. But even the best vehicles do have problems. Not sure why you’d need a new transmission this soon…unless you abused the vehicle. This tranny uses the WS transmission fluid…so it shouldn’t be the fluid.

Personally I’d check with a transmission specialist to see what their diagnosis is. Don’t go to any of the chains like AAMCO. Find a good local specialist.

Ken, that is the funny part there were no problems I brought the car in because the screen said “check Hybrid system”. I truly use this car 30 mins a day to and from work - that is why the mileage is so low. Also curious Lexus first diagnosed the problem as a “switch” problem they fixed that and that wasn’t the problem. Not sure what I should do here?

This is too fishy to me. I’ve yet to see someone who needs a new transmission and didn’t have any MAJOR symptoms. It doesn’t sound right to me.

Doesn’t this have the ‘power splitter’ planetary gearbox, and not a ‘transmission’ like most cars? So most transmission shops wouldn’t be of much help. Have you posted this on hybrid forums, like Priuschat?

There is a bulletin for fault codes P0731, P0732 (incorrect gear ratio). and another bulletin for P0867, P0990 (transmission fluid pressure). Both involve replaceing the oil pressure switch. It sounds like this didn’t solve the problem.

Call Lexus at 800 25-LEXUS and explain your case, they have been known to cover repairs up to ten years on a case by case basis. Have your VIN ready so they can open a case on your vehicle.