Lexus dealer: $1,000+ for 60k transmission maintenance. 2023 RX350h

Called Lexus when we reached 30k. (Naturally a hospital calls for a blood transport as I am speaking to Lexus.)
Anyone knowhathey do? the CVT Continuously Variable Transmission.

Thank you.

Oh, she mentioned thathey also change oil, change cabin air filter, rotate tires. (For all of that money I asked if clean cup holder was also included.)

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You were quoted for the 60,000 miles service shown in the maintenance guide. This does not include maintenance listed under “special operating conditions”, if your vehicle needs additional maintenance, ask for it specifically.

The dealer enhanced service usually includes a vehicle detail.

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I wonder why fuel injector cleaner is added only in Hawaii? Is there something about the Lexus fuel system that requires fuel injector cleaner, or is it something about Hawaii’s gasoline formula? Concur that $1000 for a 30K checkup seems a little steep. But modern computerized cars seem to generate pretty steep repair bills, and getting steeper each year, by the posts we get here,

It is interesting to know what they do but I think Lexus doesn’t even recommend changing the transmissions fluid.

I thought of a possible reason. Hawaii doesn’t have as much access to ethanol, as I presume that’s made on the continental farmlands. Maybe the fuel treatment is to simulate the benefits of ethanol in gasoline?

It’s for the 60,000 mile service

spark plugs and brake fluid flush are apparently included

$1000 seems fair to me, especially when you consider the labor rate is probably around $200/hr

This is not a quickie 1hr-service


Especially they have to let the cylinders all air out over night while the spark plugs are removed, and let all the fluids drain overnight as well…

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This is what the OP says

I assumed that was when he asked, in preparation for the 60k exam mentioned in the question title. He racks up the miles very quickly.

But this is really for @Robert-Gift to clear up - 30k or 60k checkup?

Left on a bloodelivery 13:15 Thursday. Almost home when two long-distance transports.
Now home 15:50 Friday

2023 RX350h is now 32+k.
Just wondering if I shouldo anything for this Continuously Variable Transmission.
Now another blood transport.

We’re confused why you’d contact the dealership for a 60k service, when the car only has 32K?

I changed the trans fluid in my Accord with a CVT at 42,000 miles since i commuted on the highway with it mostly. You might consider that too. Certainly no longer than 60,000 miles.

I think a 60K service interval is FAR too long for that CVT

I’d be servicing the fluid every 30K if it were my car

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At 28k I wasking if anything were done to the CVT transmission at 30k.
They said 60.
Also asked if I could change transmission fluid myself. (Does it even have transmission fluid?)
The person with whom I first spoke did not knowhat was done.

I’d rather do it early, especially because it gently attained 122 mph during a long distance emergentransport.

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They do OCD cylinder maintenance?

Dang, on a public road? I’d feel bad if you hit someone.

The fact that you even asked that second question proves that YOU should be legally prohibited from working on any and all motor vehicles :x:

I would pay for the dealer to change the fluid NOW, instead of waiting until 60K

And if they say it’s not due, tell them you’re well aware it’s not due, but you are rough on your vehicles and you want to pay to have it done now, all the same


Emergencyehicle on a vacant stretch of Interstate Highway transporting blood platelets to a 13-year-old in postpartum hemorrhage.
Seemed thathe RX350h could go faster but started coasting down because of vehicles ahead.

Prefer to do it myself. I have seehow they quickly do the work. (being efficient)
I can take the time to thoroughly clean everything.

Just do not know anything about CVTs and what is done or even if I have thequipmento change the oil.
For $1,000 I’d learn.

I’m gentle on vehicles. Slowly accelerate to not impose much load on thengine or transmission.
RX350h wasurprisingly smooth and comfortable. Justoo much wind noise.