Too much trans fluid

I bought a used car a year ago, and now the trans is acting up. I checked the fluid level thinking it would be low, but instead it is too high. how do you lower the fluid level?

You would suck out some fluid from the dipstick tube using a vacuum pump or a vacuum fluid evacuator. Is it really overfilled? Some transmissions say you need to check them cold or hot. Follow the instructions in the owners manual and make sure you’re checking the fluid under the right conditions.

I agree. Most likely the manual will tell you to check the fluid when it is hot (full engine operating temperature), but this could vary from one make of car to another. Also, it is usually a good idea to showly shift into and out of all gears, and then place the transmission in Park, prior to checking the fluid.

Make sure that the engine is running while you check it, but remember to set the e-brake in addition to placing the car in Park. If it is really overfilled, you should be able to get a small hand-operated vacuum pump at Wal-Mart’s auto accessories department.

I checked the fluid properly, it is well over the hot mark by at least as much space as the low mark.

What symptoms would I experience with over filling trans fluid, and how mush harm have i already done to it?

You can suck it out with a turkey baster and a plastic tube…But it has been that way for a year with no problems, right? Check for a disconnected or broken vacuum hose leading to the transmission…

automatic transmissions have lines that carry fluid to the radiator for cooling. take one of the lines off, start the engine and pump out any amount of overfill.

I wouldn’t do that. You wouldn’t want that situation to run away with you.

What kind of vehicle are we talking about here?? Too much fluid will cause air in the hydraulics, this causes slipping which also causes overheating. Not good for your trans.


When it checked over filled, were there bubbles on the stick?

Any restriction in the pressure system will cause the pump to cavitate fluid and bubbles will raise the fluid level and drastically reduce performance. The cooler is the first and most likely cause for such a condition.

1995 escort, fluid bright red and clear, no bubbles, Symptom… from stop, to get to second gear I let up on the gas at 3k RPM, other wise stays in first… then shifts normally… sometimes, at highway speed, approaching a red light that then changes green, or when slowing down at the EZ Pass toll booth, the car will not up shift back to OD…I drop selector to “D”, accelerate a bit to above 3K RPM then switch back to OD and feel the trans shift and the RPM drop to 2500…from there runs up to to 65, or 70 MPH at that RPM normal…

not slipping as much as not up shifting… I know I got an old car and don’t push the trans during accel’,I take my time getting up to to speed, I read the Haynes manual, about foaming, but don’t see any evidence of that ( I Think) I am thinking of trying the power purge trans fluid change from the local Lee Myles, $100??Worth it. I have changed the trans fluid in all my cars from way back myself. Back in High School Auto shop, we would put my 72 Skylark on the lift, drill a hole in the torque converter, drain the fluid, tap the hole, and put a plug and gasket in. Then refill the "tranny"
I once had a 1985 Horizon with a slippy trans and a fleet mechanic friend told me of a way to purge the trque converter by disconnecting a hose a the bottom of the trans and with the engine running, drain the fluid while at the same time having a buddy, continuously feed new fluid in the top until the fluid ran nice and clean. I did that and it got me another year of use out of that jalopy! 152K at that time was alot of miles, not like todays’ cars.