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Transmission overdrive

i have a ford e250 v8 when cold the ‘overdrive off’ lite blinks on and off winter temperatures have been around 20 to 35 degrees here

Have you noticed any strange action from the transmission? I bet it is faulty wires or switch.

On many vehicles, a flashing overdrive indicator light means that there is a fault in the transmission’s electronic controls. Failure to fix an electronic fault promptly will result in MUCH more expensive mechanical problems.

While it is possible that the extremely low winter temperatures are leading to a false warning, this is not something that you can ignore, simply because the potential price of ignoring it goes up each time that you drive the truck.

If you still have the Owner’s Manual for this truck, I believe that the manual will confirm what I have told you. Always begin with the Owner’s Manual whenever you have a question regarding the controls or the warning lights on any vehicle. And, if you don’t have an Owner’s Manual–get one!

No, it’s a warning that the self diagnostics have detected a transmission problem.

A transmission shop will need to scan the computer to see what the fault is. You might have to leave it with them overnight so they can catch it in the morning when it is cold and the light is flashing. Letus know what you find out.